Chocolate & Gummies: Shroom Edibles For A Better Psychedelic Experience


When it comes to producing psychedelic edibles, many mushrooms are used. This means they might be utilized to improve mushrooms’ flavour. Consume shroom edibles only if you want to enhance the quality of your life and reduce your stress and anxiety. 

These psychedelic chocolate bars and gummy treats are available in broad different flavours and colours, allowing you to choose the one that is most suited to your preferences with convenience. If that seems like something you’re interested in, keep reading to learn more!

Types Of Shroom Edibles

There are many types of edible mushrooms in the industry. But, here are some of the best-picked sweet treats in the market today because of their flavours: 

  1. Psilocybin Chocolate Bar

The hallucinogenic chemical known as psilocybin is present in its naturally occurring state in some mushrooms, often referred to as magic mushrooms. Psilocybe cubensis is the fungus responsible for its production, and it is used in the production of psychedelic medications such as psilocin and psilocybin.

Chocolates containing psilocybin offer some benefits, including enhancing mood, reducing stress and depression, and strengthening one’s ability to think creatively. Potluck’s psilocybin chocolate bars come in various flavours: 

  • S’mores – There are many ways in which the s’mores psilocybin chocolate bar may be enjoyed. It’s versatile enough to be consumed on its own, mixed into ice cream, blended with other flavours, or even baked into a cake. These are all mouthwatering choices to choose from. 
  • Blood Orange – Even if it isn’t the best choice for everyone, this flavour offers an alternative that might be of additional help to you in creating a connection with your consciousness.
  • Hazelnut – After only a few bites of this flavour, you will find that you are experiencing feelings of pleasure and anxiety simultaneously. You may be having a terrible time or on a pedestal in the world, but the truth is that it’s all in your imagination. The chocolate is made with natural ingredients and does not include artificial flavours, colours, or additives.
  • Milk Chocolate – Psilocybin milk chocolate bars provide the consumers with various benefits that may be experienced when eaten. It has been linked to alleviating symptoms of anxiety and sadness, as well as boosting one’s emotional state.
  • Cookies & Creme – This flavour may be enjoyed anytime, from breakfast to a filling lunchtime snack to a sweet dessert. Most people like to take them in a while doing something else, like watching TV or working on their computer.
  1. Psilocybin Gummies

This type of sweet treat is a crowd favourite, round shape with a gooey, gelatinous middle. Not only do they offer many benefits to one’s health, but they are also tasty and nutrient-dense. Despite popular belief, gummies are enjoyed by both children and adults alike. 

For instance, gummies are available in various flavours and shapes, making them appealing to people of all ages, including children and adults. Gummies are a better option for your health than sweets with the same amount of sweetness since they don’t have as many calories, don’t include gluten, and don’t typically contain any artificial ingredients.

Best Flavours Available: 

  • Cherry Cola – Consuming cherry cola gummies is a wonderful option for obtaining your necessary daily dose of cherries without having to go through the hassle of ingesting real cherries. This is because cherry cola gummies contain the same amount of cherries as one serving of real cherries. They are great for those who want something sweet yet know the significance of consuming nutritious meals.
  • Watermelon – Gummies flavoured like watermelon are one of the sweets now seeing a surge in demand due to their growing popularity. This is because they have a flavour that is both flavorful and refreshing, which makes them an exciting choice for holidays throughout the summer.
  • Cranberry – Antioxidants, such as those found in cranberries, can decrease inflammation and prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. Its high vitamin C concentration helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Mushrooms contain potassium, which lowers blood pressure and stroke risk. Selenium, present in these organisms, can avoid radiation injury and inhibit cancer development. Sweetened cranberries help meet the daily fruit requirement. They’re minimal in calories and fat yet still healthy.


The unique flavour of these chocolate bars and gummies and their beneficial effects on customers have contributed to their popular appeal. Some varieties of mushrooms include psilocybin, which is a psychedelic that occurs naturally in the world.

People who consume them are reported to experience pleasure, well-being, and happiness sensations. This is one of their most well-known effects. People have been known to take it for many years as a psychoactive stimulant that may lead to enlightening mystical experiences.

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