Know what your man likes with his choice of rings


Choosing a diamond wedding band that your man will love may seem impossible. But if you know what he likes, it can be a lot easier. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Is he a flashy type of guy?

If you agree to this, chances are good that he’ll love diamonds. A diamond ring is the most popular choice for men, and it’s not hard to see why. Diamonds are sparkly and bright, which speaks to their showy nature. If your boyfriend or husband-to-be is more traditional in his tastes, then gold would be a better choice than mens diamond wedding rings for him. Gold symbolises wealth and prosperity, and who doesn’t want all of those things? If your sweetheart prefers antique things over modern ones, many gorgeous vintage-style rings are available at online stores.

Does your man like to stick with tradition?

You may want to give your man a ring that he can pass on as an heirloom. If so, then choose something traditional and classic. An old-fashioned ring with a simple design will likely be passed down from generation to generation.

Traditional rings are also more likely to be bought at a jeweller than many other types of mens diamond wedding rings because they tend not to have any special meaning behind them. Men who love tradition won’t want anything too unusual or fancy because they feel it would attract too much attention and make them look unprofessional in front of their peers when he’s at work or out with friends (or even just plain unadventurous).

Is your man into antique things?

If your man has an eye for antique things, he might like a ring from the past. While antique rings are beautiful and expensive, they often also require special care. For example, they’re more challenging to find because they are older and sometimes harder to repair. They may also be more fragile than modern rings.

If you’re unsure whether your man would prefer an antique ring, ask him what his favourite piece of jewellery is before purchasing it as a gift.

Can you imagine him wearing a ring?

It’s important to know that some men are not comfortable with the idea of wearing a ring. This may be due to the fact that they think it makes them look weak or submissive in some way. It’s always good practice to ask before making assumptions about what your significant other thinks or feels about certain things.

Be mindful of his preferences

If you can answer these questions and get an idea of what your man likes, then choosing the right ring should be no problem.

  • Does he prefer gold or silver?
  • Is he into diamonds or gemstones?
  • Does he wear many rings or just one on his wedding finger?
  • How does his clothing style influence the jewellery he chooses to wear?

Other things to consider include the following:

  • The stone’s colour will depend on what colour suits your man best. If he tends toward more formal attire, white diamonds would be appropriate for him; if he tends toward casual clothes, choose yellow gold with emeralds instead.
  • When it comes down to picking out something for him that will last forever (and not be lost), consider looking at family history too. What rings did his mother/father have before they passed away/got divorced?

In addition to these clues, ask friends and family members who might know how their friend thinks about rings.


With all the options today, it can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry. Stay optimistic that choosing the right ring will be easy as pie if you take time to think about what he likes.

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