Every smartphone user carries their phone with them wherever they go. Even if you leave your phone at home all day, dirt will appear on the screen. If your phone screen has an unwanted stain, there are safe ways to clean it.

Screen Gets Dirty

You touch your phone’s screen the most. Oils and stains from your hand cause the phone screen to become dirty during this process. Furthermore, dust and dirt can enter your phone’s screen through a variety of channels. Phone screens are multi-touch surfaces. Every day, we spend hours on our phones and tablets and frequently fail to clean them. Bacteria and germs can get onto your phone’s screen and spread between users. If you have dirt on your phone screen, you must keep it clean. I’ll show you how to clean your phone’s screen without damaging it. You should clean your phone at least once a day, according to the instructions in your phone’s manual. Cleaning your device incorrectly (for example, with rubbing alcohol and paper towels) can remove protective coatings from your screen. There are more secure alternatives.

How To Protect Your Samsung Galaxy A34 Screen?
Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing your phone properly, according to experts, can help prevent infection from viruses, bacteria, and germs. As an added bonus, your device will look and function optimally. As you know protecting your phone’s screen is very important because of its importance and price. Nowadays not only Samsung Galaxy A34 price in Pakistan is high but also the screen prices are touching the roof. Make sure to carefully clean the screen because it’s a very sensitive part of a mobile phone. Here’s how to clean, disinfect, and sanitize your phone and its screen, as well as how not to clean your digital device. We’ll show you the most common methods for cleaning your phone of germs and gunk the right way, especially for water-resistant phones.

Protect Your Mobile Phone 

When you go outside and touch such public places like a door handle, or anything that have bacteria or dirt on it even a grocery cart; and touch your Mobile phone screen without cleaning or sanitizing your hands, the first thought that comes into your mind to clean the mobile screen with any clean cloth, tissue or maybe rubbing or using the alcohol. Never use alcohol directly because it may damage your phone display and other phone ports.

Cloth Used for Cleaning Mobile Screen

Cleaning your screen with a microfiber cloth is the most effective and safest method. If the screen is in desperate need of cleaning, dampen a microfiber cloth with distilled water before wiping it down. Avoid squirting water directly on the screen. This technique can also be applied to the back and sides of your phone.

To Protect Your Device Outside Public 

Escalator buttons, grab bars, petrol stations, and door knobs are just a few examples. It is difficult to avoid bacteria edges in our daily lives, which is why proper and regular hand washing is essential. Although there is no way to make sure that public surfaces have always been maintained on a regular basis, there is something you make contact with every day over which you have control: your cell phone.

Remove Dirt with Scotch Tape
Fiber and dust can become lodged in your phone’s small ports as well as the fissures in which the screen fills the body. Scotch tape is the most effective tool for removing sand and lint. You can roll it up and gently place it in the ports by laying it along the creases and speaker. The sticky nature of the tape will remove any lint or sand that has become lodged in your phone.

Switch Off While Cleaning Mobile Screen
Before cleaning, turn off the device and disconnect it from the wall. You will avoid a potential short circuit, have a better view of the surface you are trying to clean, and won’t message or call someone else by accident.

To Clean Small Ports of Your Mobile Screen
Use a toothpick (gently) or try to vacuum the debris out of the smaller speaker holes that tape cannot reach. These tools can be used to clean other small appliances or difficult-to-reach areas in your vehicle.

Use of Spray for Screen Cleaning
To clean the phone while holding it on its sides, spray a tiny amount of warm, soapy water or 70 percent ethanol or isopropyl alcohol on it, or use a soft cloth. After that, wipe clean the sides and back as well, taking care not to get any liquid into any ports like the headphone jack or charging port.

How To Clean Mobile Screen

Before you begin cleaning your mobile phones, remove your phone from its charger or wireless charging pad and turn it off. This will show you how dirty the screen is while also preventing you from calling or opening any apps by accident.

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