LTK Raises $300m At A $2B Valuation Led By Softbank Vision Fund


LTK started its journey in 2011. A well-known fashion blogger named Amber Venz Box founded the business after running into several common problems in the industry. The main argument was that it was difficult to make blogging, taking pictures and videos, editing, and writing into a viable career path.

Box founded the business in order to receive commissions from her readers (they were purchasing products as per her recommendations). More than ten years later, she now has a significant company in her stable.

Dallas Based LTK 300m us 2bsternlichtforbes

fashion blogger Amber Venz Box started the company LTK and It has raised $300m In the funding round, the leading investor in this funding is SoftBank’s vision fund, and after this funding now LTK’s total valuation is more than 2b.

After receiving $300 million from the SoftBank Vision Fund, Sternlicht Forbes reports that it is now valued at $2 billion. and RewardStyle were previous names for LTK. Influencers can now create social media posts that can be purchased, and it stores them in a single marketplace accessible on the app and website.

LTK offers its solutions for businesses, producers, and customers, who spend in excess of $3 billion every year on this platform. The user interface is somewhat reminiscent of Instagram Shop, where one can browse through creative postings. They select their favorite posts to share on social media data by sternlichtforbes.

The company has attained profitability many years before. It is now planning to hire more workers, based in Texas. With 5,000 stores and 1 million brand names as partners, it already has a 350-person global workforce.

According to Angela Du, Investment Director at SoftBank Investment Advisers and recently appointed board member at LTK, LTK is already reimagining the idea of entrepreneurship to make it possible for more people to make money out of their interests and pastimes.

Du added that LTK’s cutting-edge marketing platform directly assists these customers in establishing their brands across the ecosystem and in fostering relationships with long-term followers.

Box has previously stated that over 130 platform-based influencers have achieved millionaire status (self-made). The majority of these creators are female, and they receive 10–25% of sales commissions. On this platform, retailers and brands can also set their own commission rates.

rands get the sales amount pushed by creators, while the latter earn the commission as indicated. All of these sales activities generate transaction fees for LTK. LTK operates under the straightforward premise of encouraging users to buy the same products shared by influencers they already follow.

Whether it is a new coat, a bedding set, makeup, coffee mugs, or even a high-end ottoman, all products displayed on the platform are connected and bring the client to a website where the item may be purchased.

Unlike Instagram, where sponsored content frequently merely entails tagging a brand page, its app functions differently. A company’s products are linked on LTK in an appealing manner. In addition, LTK provides brand consulting, full-cycle campaign management, and analytics for affiliated businesses.

The investment, according to Venz Box, is another evidence that consumers are choosing to make direct purchases from the posts of people whose preferences and morals they respect.

By tagging their content with links that followers can use to make purchases, LTK enables influencers—or “creators,” as Venz Box prefers to refer to them—to make affiliate commissions.

Along with receiving a share of commissions earned through the material posted in virtual stores on its platform, the 350-person startup helps more than 5,000 retailers and 1 million brands connect with the influencers making those posts.

About LTK

According to Venz Box, we created the creator-commerce platform. We believe a creator should be able to provide a customer with a shopping experience that is competitive with every other retail experience on the planet.

Influencers can entice followers to purchase things through their postings in ways other than LTK. Users can check prices and make purchases directly within the Instagram app thanks to its own shopping feature.

LTK Funding & Investors

The $300 million investment was led by SoftBank managing partner Lydia Jett, who believes that LTK’s service and emphasis on creators as the primary customer are what set it apart from such titanic competitors.

Along with making it easy for artists to establish virtual storefronts and promote their content over the web, LTK delivers analytics, marketing support, and connections to companies that want to reach their audience.

LTK, on the other hand, has built its business model around enabling others to profit monetarily through its platform. That may explain why it’s the Japanese fund’s largest investment to date in a female-founded U.S. company: “They’ve provided an inconsistent relationship to creators.”


How much is LTK worth?

$2 billion

Who owns the LTK app?

SoftBank Group

How many employees are at LTK?

More than 650

Is LTK profitable?


How many brands are on LTK?

6,000 brands

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