Cloud Computing: The Best Statement Which Describes Its Features


In today’s industrialized world, fast-growing firm companies require a large space to keep their data in an organized way, and to fulfill this need, companies are competing very hard to come up with a large storage area, the best services, and a number of features. Cloud computing enables companies to store their data and gives a reasonable number of features as well. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the statements which describe the characteristics of cloud computing. But before going ahead let’s know something about what cloud computing is.

Cloud Computing: An Overview

It is a new way to store and access programs and data for consumers and companies through the internet. In this the diffusion of computing resources like applications, data, storage, and more through the internet by the cloud service provider(CSP). 

With the help of Cloud computing, the dependence of users on any hardware device is knocked off. They can easily access their data, services, and programs on the servers from any location and they don’t have to be in the same place to do your work. 

Now let’s discuss the main characteristics which best describe cloud computing.

Cloud Computing: Which Statement Describes It Best?

When we discuss the features of cloud computing, then we get to know about the prime use of this technology and the unique possibilities offered by it, and the unmatched use which makes the work of enterprises and organizations easy as pie. It has the strength to resolve many notable challenges for an expanding firm.

Let’s Now Find Which Statement Describes A Characteristic Of Cloud Computing:


This is the finest feature of cloud computing that their servers are easily and on-time maintained and the downtime mostly remains very less or up to zero. Several updates have been undergone frequently by cloud computing-powered resources which is to advance their potential and competence. Those updates are workable with devices and perform faster than the previous category.


You can modify the potential of the Cloud to your personal requirements and greatly increase them as well. It allows the user to get more online space for just a small price. Thus it examines storage usage. 


One of the most important characteristics of cloud computing is remote working. It allows the user to work with his/her flexibility, from any place on this earth. Changing the place of doing work neither affects the data storage nor its functions.

One can access their data with mobile phones as well as computers or laptops. With these features, the interconnecting becomes smooth and effortless. The remote workers and the employees that are connected from other countries or continents can simply communicate with each other and do their jobs.


Users of cloud computing can easily add data to the cloud and also view the cloud’s stored data of yours with simply the use of an internet device and its connectivity. They are accessible over the internet and all through the network


The data security of cloud computing is outstanding. It automatically creates a carbon copy of your stored data file to save you from any data loss. In case, if any server by mistake loses the data, then a copy of that database file is present on the other server. This characteristic is very useful for every user, firm or organization. 


The scarcity of resources encountered by any computer can be handled in two ways;

  1. Purchasing Extra/Additional resources from the market.
  2. Pooling resources from existing networks of computers.

Resource pooling refers to the gathering of different resources like storage, CPU capacity, bandwidth, licenses to various software, etc from a single or group of computers connected in a single network in order to distribute/assign it to a computer in scarcity.

Resource pooling is done with the help of virtualization software like Hyper-V etc.


It enables the client to continuously detect the following advantages-

  • The server time period.
  • Abilities 
  • Allotted network storage

The client can check the computing abilities continuously as per his need.


Cloud computing examines the data automatically. 

Advantages of using cloud computing 

  • It uncomplicates the remote work
  • Reduce the tension of data loss
  • It gives high security
  • Gives easy maintenance features 


Instead of maintaining everything on our own we can take the services of various CSPs for resources we need and Instead of expending extra expense for additional resource requirements, now we can use virtualization and do resource pooling in an efficient and effective way. 

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