7 Benefits of Scissor Lift Trolleys


The right equipment can increase efficiency in material handling and prevent disasters. A scissor lift trolley is one such piece of equipment that provides an excellent solution to lifting loads in warehouses and various industrial environments providing the highest levels of safety. Also, these trolleys are available in multiple configurations, making them versatile for different tasks. 

You must wonder why to use scissor lift trolleys when you can quickly get your job done with a ladder or an aerial lift. Well, there are numerous advantages that you may not be aware of, and you can learn about these in the section below.

1. Safer than ladders

Scissor lift trolleys provide better safety to the workers as they have a heavy and broad base to move about and stand. Plus, these have guardrails preventing their fall. Ladders, on the other hand, have rungs that the worker needs to climb to reach the height. Balancing on the ladder often becomes difficult, especially if the workers have something on their hands. Workers don’t face any risks using scissor lift trolleys and can reach things placed too high without the danger of getting injured.

2. Increases productivity

A scissor lift trolley makes a job easy for a worker. When the work surface is positioned at a certain height for specific tasks like palletising or loading, the cycle time for the work is reduced, which also improves operational efficiency. As you multiply the time you save on each cycle across numerous workstations and cycles, you have a compelling case for using this equipment in your facility.

3. Improves process ergonomics

Scissor lift trolleys are easily adjustable, enabling workers to position their work surface at the required height. Not only the adjustability of these trolleys helps in performing repetitive tasks, but they also make the process ergonomic. Since these trolleys don’t need twisting and bending operations, the risks of repetitive strain injuries reduce significantly.

These trolleys are not bulky, which makes them highly manoeuvrable even in spaces where a forklift or ladders won’t be safe. 

4. Reduces strain on workers

Working in warehouses or an industrial site involves stress as several risks are involved. Working through man cages or balancing on ladders can strain the workers physically and mentally. 

Scissor lift trolleys, however, reduce the strain on workers. Since these trolleys prevent workers from getting exhausted easily, they are capable of putting in effort resulting in maximum productivity throughout the day.

5. Easily customisable

Based on business needs, you can customise your scissor lift trolleys. You can fit the trolley with a tilter that can minimise the risks of the operator falling. Or, you may even fit it with a turntable that allows rotational movement.

6. Reduces floor space

Scissor lift trolleys are the most compact work platform you can find. Therefore, it is the best choice in tight-packed storehouses where stacked crates restrict height access. Since these trolleys have a total area equivalent to the liftable platform, they are also incredibly easy to store. 

7. Economic and versatile

Scissor lift trolleys offer the most versatile and economical solution compared to other alternatives. With a single trolley, you can service the entire warehouse. Moreover, hydraulic lift trolleys consume very little power, which further adds to their efficiency.

Scissor lifts can be the perfect solution for vertical lifting and item handling and positioning in the warehouse. Since these are available in different ranges, take your time to select the right type of scissor lift trolley for your facility. You may even seek advice from a production engineer to ensure a safe and productive working environment.    


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