The First Cut Is The Deepest: By Rob Stewart, Know More About The Song


The song’s lyrics speak of a person who lost their first love and is unsure of whether or not they can find love again. 

The Title, “The First Cut Is The Deepest” Alludes To The Disappointment Of One’s First Love

British singer Cat Stevens wrote the 1967 song “The First Cut Is the Deepest,” which was first made available by P. P. Arnold in May 1967.

In December 1967, Stevens’ own compositions were first released on his album New Masters. The song has received Stevens numerous honors, including the “Songwriter of the Year” title for ASCAP in 2005 and 2006.

Roderick David Stewart famously Known as Rob Stewart, a British rock Star and lyricist, did not want to release the song as one of his solo performances while he wanted to sell this song to other musicians. With time Rod Stewart changed his mind and recorded a solo performance with Big Jim Sullivan. 

Honors And Success Of The Song 

He paid P. P. Arnold paid  £30 for the song, which had became a great success.

Over the years, it also became a worldwide hit for Rod Stewart.The UK Singles Chart saw it peak at No. 1 for four weeks in May 1977, indicating its enormous popularity.

Arnold And Jamaican: The Other Version Of The Song 

As soon as the song got its new version by P. P.Arnold. It came to number 18 in the list of  the UK Singles Chart. Arnold is an American expatriate singer; this happened before the song could appear on Stevens’ album. 

The Arnold hit included a fast-paced, soulful voice that was supported by a harpsichord, horns, and strings. In the 2012 drama Seven Psychopaths, it was also portrayed.

The song was covered by Jamaican vocalist Norma Fraser in 1967 for a Studio One recording that appeared as the A side of the 45 rpm CD CS 7017 on the Coxsone label. Later, Fraser’s rendition was made available on a number of Studio One collection LPs and CDs.

Sheryl Crow’s Version Of The Song

Wayne Isham directed a music video in which the song The First Cut Is the Deepest became the subject and also this song’s another version got released by Sheryl Crow. 

The film, which was recorded in southern Utah, features Sheryl performing in a rocky desert while riding horses, playing her guitar, and mingling with cowboys.

This version of the song got nominated for Grammy Awards but eventually it lost to Sunrise by Norah Jones’. The First Cut Is the Deepest was selected for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. 

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