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You might have seen humans fighting in the ring for various titles but have you ever seen animals doing such? If you haven’t, Wpit18 is an online sabong where roosters fight with each other. It is most common in the Philippines and other countries around it. Let’s have a closer look at WPC and Wpit18.

The main purpose of Wpit18 is to globalize the practice of cockfighting through online sabong. Regular competitions are organized to give life to this trend.

Thousands of enthusiasts participate in competitions and win huge amounts of prizes. It has become a major part of the Philippines culture and people gather in huge masses to conduct such competitions.  

What Is Online Sabong Game?

WPC stands for World Pitmaster Cup. It is an online sabong where people watch roosters fighting and earn money through it. This tournament takes place in the Philippines. Here, people from the Philippines and even from all around the world register and bring their roosters to fight.

Millions of people worldwide watch this online sabong. It has gained more popularity because of the large amount of monetary compensation provided by this game to the winner and runner-up.

What Is The Wpit18 Game?

Wpit18 is the name of the tournament organized by WPC. Every year WPC organizes this Sabong in the Philippines where people all around the globe participate. You can also participate in this tournament by registering on wpit18’s official site

Although wpit18 is banned in some nations, there are numerous websites that allow you to view it live from your home. Wpit18 online Sabong offers you enormous benefits in addition to fun.

How To Sign Up In The Wpit18 Dashboard?

In order to join Wpit online Sabong, first, you need to register into the Wpit18 dashboard. The registration process is mentioned below:

• First, go to the official site of wpit18 which is, and fill up the given form.

• Then sign up for a new account.

• Fill in all the required details which include your name, phone number, etc.

• After filling in all the details, wait for your account to be approved.

Now you are officially registered to participate in wpit18. You can now watch or bring your rooster to fight in wpit18 online sabong.

How To Watch Wpit18 Online Sabong?

You can easily watch Wpit18 online through the official site of wipt18. After registering, you are eligible to watch live online Sabong. Some of the countries have denied the use of wpit18 official site in their country but you can watch it by using other sources too.

How Can You Make Money Through Wpit18?

You can make a bulk of the money from Wpit18. You can bring your own rooster to this tournament or you can predict which one will win to make money. For earning, you should be a member of Wpit18.You can become a member of it by simply registering on its official website or by becoming a member of the Facebook group.

Is Wpit18 Online Game Legal?

The legalization of Wpit18 has been a controversial term. Many countries have made it illegal but it is still practiced in some countries. Due to the adverse effect caused on animals by these activities, they are considered unlawful in many countries.

Animal activities and INGO are working to put a ban on these kinds of sports but due to the entertainment and financial benefit provided by it, they are still practiced in some countries.

Guidelines To Follow While Participating In Wpit18:

Register with the government

  • – To join and participate in Wpit18, you should strictly follow government regulations. Violation of government regulations can be a punishable act.

Avoid Cruelty

– You should avoid animal cruelty as much as you can. No animals should be directly harmed or injured while participating in such competitions.

Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wpit18:


• Good source of entertainment:

– All online Sabong enthusiasts from around the world can find plenty of amusement there.

• Makes money for locals

– It helps local people to generate income. Through it, they can make a respectable sum of money.


• Animal Abuse:

– Animals are harmed while organizing this competition which is the major downside of it.

• Financial risk

– It includes huge financial risk as you may lose your money.


Wpit18 is an online sabong where participants bring their roosters for combat. This sport is growing increasingly well-liked every day because it offers so much enjoyment. You can also be a part of this competition by registering on the official website of Wpit18.

You can take your rooster to battle in the competition or you can watch roosters fighting online. Be careful and aware of government regulations while using this site. Animal cruelty is an inhuman act so avoid it as much as possible.

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