Columbus-Based Tach firm Path Robotics Raises $56M Funding, Brings Robotics Welding


The Columbus-based AI Robotics startup Path Robotics created the first fully autonomous robotic welding system in the world.

Recently revealed that Path Robotics has raised $56 million in Series B funding, bringing the total amount invested in the business to $71 million.

Drive Capital, Basis Set, and Lemnos Lab, who had previously invested in the round, joined Addition as the round’s lead investor.

Path Robotics 56M Series Investment

According to Lee Fixel of Addition, “Path Robotics is resolving a complex and crucial issue in their nation by linking the supply and demand for trained welders.” They are eager to help the business as it strives to become the next leader in American manufacturing.

The only business in the world that provides turnkey robotic welding systems with autonomous welding capabilities is Path Robotics. Its robotic device, which is AI-driven, is a market disruptor since it changes how industrial robotic welding is done.

The system can see and comprehend practically any part that is provided to it thanks to patented scanning and computer vision technologies, and it has the ability to self-adjust for each distinct part. It was designed with no system programming and “no ideal parts” requirements in mind.

It determines where a weld is necessary and generates all the planning necessary to carry out a clean weld almost immediately. The system was created with highly reflecting materials and an industrial environment in mind.

The ability of today’s industrial robots to comprehend their surroundings and the work at hand is quite limited. The majority of robots are essentially machines that repeat commands; they are unable to grow personally. 

The CEO of Path Robotics, Andrew Lonsberry, stated that this must change since highly skilled robotics are essential to the future of production.

While fewer people are entering the welding trade in America, welders are living longer lives on average. The fact, in addition to the pandemic’s heightened demand for domestic production, is putting a stop to American manufacturing across all sectors.

Lonsberry added, “They are thrilled to join with Addition. They have a wonderful vision for the future and are dedicated to partnering with businesses that are trying to bring about generational change. Drive Capital, a venture capital firm with offices in Columbus, has invested in Path Robotics once more.

Drive partner Nick Solaro stated that the company is pleased to continue working with Path Robotics and investing in them since their artificial intelligence and computer vision technology address a critical and urgent demand for manufacturers all around the world.

According to Alex Lonsberry, co-founder and chief technology officer of Path Robotics, “the future of intelligent robots and manufacturing is being produced here right now.”

Realizing their purpose necessitates a visionary team of partners, but they are fulfilling the promise of what robots can become. They are thrilled to be collaborating with Addition to transform the world as per path robotics 56m series additionheatertechcrunch.

Path Robotics

Andy and Alex Lonsberry, along with their father Ken and Matt Klein, founded Path Robotics after recognizing a market need for industrial welding robotics while completing their PhDs at Case Western Reserve University.

Innovative computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence systems are being created by Path Robotics to give industrial robots intelligence.

Drive Capital Ventures

Drive Capital, a venture capital firm based in Columbus, Ohio, was established in 2012 and favors investing in seed-stage, early-stage, and later-stage businesses.

The company aspires to invest in business products, business services, consumer goods, consumer services, financial services, healthcare, TMT, life sciences, mobile, cybersecurity, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology-based industries in the Midwest of the United States.

Basic Set Ventures

Basis Set Ventures is a firm specializing in early-stage investments with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and its practical applications. The company makes investments in corporate businesses, putting a particular emphasis on scalable infrastructure, collaboration technologies, automated workflows, and autonomous machines. 


Where is the headquarters of Path Robotics located?


For which series have the funds been raised?

Series B

How many funds have been raised in the fundraising round?

$56 Million

How much money was invested in the business overall following the funding round?

$71 M

Who is the CEO of Path Robotics?

Andrew Lonsberry

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