A relaxed night with gush mints strain? What is it?


Gush mints strain is a nice way to elongate your lazy nights as it can relax any person- even the most aggressive ones. The candy-flavored Gush mints strain can catch up very well in anyone’s mind and body, considering their high potency levels. In addition to its addictive candy flavor, its sweet and earthy texture makes them more alluring. 

What is the best use of the gush mints strain? 

Given the significance of relaxation, most users abide by the gush mints to ‘relax’. Relaxed time is a luxury only a few can attain in their day-to-day busy lives. And for anyone who seems to have an issue getting one, the gush mints strain might be of great help. Now, there is more than just one kind of it but each has a similar function- whose best use is relaxation.Other uses of gush mints strain include help from anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. At least 28% of people claimed it could help them relieve anxiety, whereas 15% of people discussed that it benefits them from insomnia and chronic pain. Other than that, gush mints could also make people more creative, more focused on activities like studying, giggly with friends or themselves, and overall make them calm.

The aroma and flavor of the gush mints strain

Anyone familiar with cannabis but not inclined toward any gush mints strain is likely to assume that both its aroma and flavor of it are a downer. However, it is not! 

Rather, the gush mints are full of earthy sweet-like aroma and even the flavor has a reassuring taste of sweet candy. 

Gush mints strain S1 from purple city genetics

The Gush mints S1 is an Indica dominant hybrid between Kush mints, Gushers, and F1 Durb. It has a rich content of cannabinoids and terpenes. The THC level is also higher, in comparison at above 30%. 

For such a quality product, the cultivation and efforts needed are also highly intensive but the difficulty level is average. Firstly, indoor cannabis cultivation is necessary for the flowering period that occurs for about 9-10 weeks. During this period, compact and dense buds build up which would further turn out to be purple. Meanwhile, the outdoor gush mints turn out as large shrubby plants and are harvested in October. 

The harvesting time is perfect when gush mints are dried up, ensuring that there’s an aroma and a high resin production. The Gush mints strain S1 has a powerful effect of euphoria at the beginning that overturns into a deep relaxation mode soon after. This strain has a huge impact due to its rich cannabinoid presence and THC level of more than 30%. 

How does gush mints strain work? 

A nighttime high is a great rescue to disturbed nights; that is, a gush strain can assist anyone into a relaxed sleep. But have any thoughts- how does gush mints strain do it? Well, the high is its reason. 

Gush mints are sweet, and alongside comes a sidekick of sour flavor that compliments the overall taste of it. Even the aroma has a big toll on its taste. The sharp menthol-like aroma added by its fruity and spiciness sounds painful, but the overall feeling is amazing. 

Once you’re done with taking the gush mints, you’ll gradually start obtaining the high. The brain starts to have a sense of euphoria, and delightfulness with no space to bother about anything. This is the foremost thing you’ll feel; after which, you’ll start feeling numb from head to toe. 

Due to the rich existence of TLC, the gush mints strain is also a nice way of curing nausea, loss of appetite, stress, depression, insomnia, etc. 

Mixed reviews of gush mints strain

Gush mints can get anyone mad high, even those who have been smoking for decades and don’t readily get high anymore. The first time you try the gush is when you get the high the most, but it doesn’t end even with usage as other cannabis products do. Your eyes will get heavier with time as the high increases, too. 

If other gush mints users are claiming that the high is good, you can sleep and relax well; it is because it’s true. You can sleep and relax well if taking gush mints strain and can readily overlook yourself enduring your chronic pains, as well. The only thing you’ll get trapped into is happiness, starvation, relaxation, and a night of sound sleep in the end. 

Positive effects of gush mints strain

  • 39% thoughtful
  • 40% tingly
  • 52% happy
  • 66% becoming more outgoing, and
  • 75% euphoria.

Negative effects of gush mints strain

  • 2% dizzy
  • 2% scared
  • 5% headache
  • 5% dry mouth, and
  • 8% dry eyes.


What are the different flavors of the Gush mints strain? 

Gush mints strain is basically, a mixture of flavors and aromas. The most common ones that you may feel, include minty, nutty, and pepper tastes.

How to avoid the side effects of gush mints strain? 

You cannot end the side effects of gush mints strain, but drinking fluids to rehydrate the body can help. 

Can you be sad after taking gush mints strain? 

No, the gush mints strain cannot make you sad. However, paranoia has been reported. 

Is gush mints strain safe to use?

Yes, gush mints strain are safe to use provided you maintain your limits. 

Is gush mints strain legal? 

The legal status of the gush mints strain is very controversial. A few countries have put a total ban on its use, while many others are lifting the ban. 


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