The Top 5 Commercial HGV Tractor Brands 


Semi-truck tractor units are sold in massive numbers in the United States. The USA is a nation with a proud trucking heritage. American companies have come to dominate the domestic market for semi-truck tractor units, although some foreign companies have managed to pinch a small percentage of the sales. Here are the top semi-truck brands in 2022.


Kenworth trucks are beloved by experienced commercial drivers all around the United States. More than any other HGV production company, Kenworth listens to the people that actually drive their vehicles on a regular basis. Owner drivers taking on shipping work using boards like Shiply love the rugged, sturdy feel of Kenworth vehicles. This sturdy feeling, however, does come at a cost: Kenworth trucks are known to perform relatively poorly in terms of fuel efficiency. 

Founded in Portland, Oregon, Kenworth specialized from the very outset in the creation of heavy, powerful vehicles suited for long distance deliveries. They suffered during the Great Depression but bounced back during World War Two when they were employed to create heavy duty recovery vehicles for the militaries of the United States and Soviet Union. 


Freightliner control more than 40 percent of the American semi-truck market – a sure sign that they are doing something right. Freightliner trucks are well renowned for fuel efficiency, which is a key metric for truck owners and logistics companies. 


Swedish company Volvo control a relatively small percentage of the American semi-truck market, but they are absolute giants worldwide. Globally, the company is the second biggest manufacturer of trucks. They produce slightly smaller vehicles than their American rivals, but more than make up for a lack of space by fitting in lots of helpful technology. Volvo trucks are considered to be some of the least stressful vehicles to drive in the commercial classes. They will, however, set you back a pretty penny. 


Peterbilt semi-truck tractors are big, brawny and extremely comfortable. They are easily recognizable – with long, squared off noses and big brows. The brand has a whole host of extremely loyal truck driving fans. In part, this is because the company has always produced vehicles with the operator front and center. Peterbilt trucks have very large sleeper cabs, meaning that a near full sized mattress can be fitted. This is a huge morale booster for truck drivers that are tasked with completing extremely long journeys. Founded in 1939, the company has long produced American road classics. 


Although some modern International trucks have developed rather serious engine breakdown problems, the vast majority of the machines produced by this American company are solid and reliable. International – then known as International Harvester – released its first truck in 1906. By the middle of the 20th Century, International trucks were renowned for their power and reliability. Now produced under the Navistar brand name, International trucks are not quite as macho and straightforward looking as their ancestors, but they are still a good choice for the long distance driver. 

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